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4th May - 9th June Drive across Europe, launch and start of 2013 Cruise

So our 2013 voyage starts. Slightly different to our last few seasons as this time we are here for up to 6 months (it depends how quickly we spend our money). We started our trip by taking a week to drive across Europe to Greece


10th - 30th June Eastern Pelopponese

We have spent the last 3 weeks touring the Eastern Pelopponese.

After spending an afternoon in a bar with a pool on Angistri uploading our last blog and enjoying a swim we decided it was time to sail south and explore the Eastern Pelopponese. This is new cruising ground for us. Our friends on Kouros were to be our guides!



July - Back to the Ionian where our dream began

We have spent the last month making our way back to the Ionian and this blog is the halfway mark on our 2013 journey. It is a significant moment as we are in Fiskardo, Cephalonia where our dream of buying and sailing a yacht to Greece was conceived.


August in the Ionian

August has been a very lazy month for us mostly due to the heat and humidity.In the afternoons you just donít want to do anything but lie around waiting for the sun to go down and have the occasional swim to cool down.


Final Month in Greece

Here is the final blog of our summer jaunt to the Mediterranean.

September was a fabulous month with lots of visitors and we had a good road trip back to Scotland too.

























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