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July 14th-24th Rothesay Docks

July 25th-August 1st Troon

August 2nd-13th Troon - Gijon, Spain

August 14th-September 2nd Gijon

September 3rd-13th Gijon

September 14th-25th Wedding in Sheffield, Leaving Gijon

September 25th- October 3rd NW Spain/Portugal

October 4th - October 14th Povoa De Varzim - Cascais

October 15th - October 23rd Algarve

October 24th - October 30th Arriving at the Mediterranean

November 7th - November 15th East coast of Spain

November 16th - November 24th Santa Pola

Saturday 14th July
Well finally the day arrived for Madison to go afloat for the first time in about 10years.
The crane arrived at 9.30 along with the boat lorry ready for her to be moved to her new home (for the first week or so anyway), Rothesay Dock in Yoker, Glasgow.

It was a mad rush to try and get as many jobs done before she was lifted as after this, it would be a 90 mile round trip to and from Jimmy's workshop. We were up at 5.00 am but time as always seemed to slip through our fingers and we still didn't get as much done as we would have liked.

We arrived at Rothesay Dock at around 11.30 and were lifted almost immediately into the water so didn't really have much time to think about what a momentous occasion this really was. We just had to crack on and get it done.

Thankfully there were no obvious leaks and after a few hours afloat, it became apparent she wasn't going to sink!

This was it, the start of our life-changing journey to the Med. Neither of us has ever been out of work before and certainly never embarked on such an adventure. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Sunday 15th July
Slept on Madison for the first time and it didn't feel at all strange. The mess around us (we are still surrounded by tool boxes etc..) is driving us a bit crazy but it'll be sorted in the next 10 days and we'll be able to relax. Got a bit of a bad back as we forgot to bring pillows, note to self - next time in Edinburgh, pick up pillows.

Need to crack on with the electronics so we are fit to sail when the mast is put up. Hopefully, this will happen by end of the week.

Monday 16th July
Went home to Edinburgh briefly and picked up pillows, so had a much better nights sleep. Radar that we were waiting on had been delivered so picked that up too. We seem to come back with a carload each time we're home these days. Boat is filling up but not a lot seems to be coming off.

Tuesday 17th July.
Stayed in Edinburgh last night, felt indifferent about sleeping in my own bed, its been so long since we've arrived home at a normal time and just done normal stuff that I've detached myself partly from the house. Which is a good thing I suppose given I won't be living there for a while. Got lots of jobs done about town today, picking up ropes and sails, visiting chandlery etc. Will be staying on Madison tonight and working on mast and rigging tomorrow so needed lots of bits and pieces for that.

Dad will be staying on her for the first time too, hope he doesn't snore!

Wednesday 18th July
Breaking news: Dad doesn't snore. This is good news, as we'll be spending a few weeks in close quarters when we sail from Troon to Northern Spain. Just need to find out about the rest of the crew.

All day was spent working on the mast, hoped to get it done before 5.00pm so it could be stepped but as always the jobs took longer than anticipated so it will wait til tomorrow now.

Thursday 19th July
Got up at 9.00 today to 'nip' out to Chandlery and B&Q. It took 4.5 hours of driving around Glasgow city centre to do these 2 small jobs. Do you know how many one way systems there are, saw lots of parts of the city I'd never been to before, it became a sight-seeing trip! The upside is we have the vinyl letters we need to finally change her name on the stern (she is still reading 'Caprera' at the moment).

Afternoon spent finishing mast and getting her stepped. We will get sailing eventually. There are only another 30 jobs or so on the list to be done before we can get sail round to Troon to some luxury amenities. Rothesay Dock is fine for working on Madison but is somewhat lacking in facilities for the more civilised amongst us, there aren't any! We can't smell ourselves yet but that's not to say we don't…

However there is a lovely shower block in Troon and a fabulous bar and restaurant to try out. This could be our last luxury outing for a wee while, (if the budget permits)
I must check out our online banking, unfortunately there is no Internet access nearby. I feel like my right arm has been cut off. It's amazing how reliant you become on email and the Internet.

Friday 20th July
Well mast went up yesterday and today we set all the rigging. The roller furler sail went on a treat as did the mainsail. The sliders were a bit small so getting some replacements tomorrow to sort that out. All the ropes are organised but no labels on the organisers yet and as we haven't been home for a few days we don't have the sheet bags for keeping them tidying. But will get them next time we're home.

She looks great and like a proper sailing boat now.

Saturday 21st July
Karl spent all day doing the electronics today. The radar, chart plotter, nav lights and VHF got fitted. We received our first weather forecast, its exciting stuff. Unfortunately the weather ist to be showers, which is not good. But hey we should be used to it by now. Thankfully we've not had the rain that England has had, with so many poor souls flooded out of their homes.

The bow deck got painted ivory finally and now matches the gel coat. The white that we did originally was too stark against the main hull which is an off-white colour. She looks lovely. Just need to get the weather to keep going all the way to the cockpit. The cockpit is still showing its original pale blue gelcoat in places and its vile.

Wed 25th July
Spent last few days trying to get a few more jobs off the list before we set for Troon. We were hoping to have been away at weekend but we weren't ready. Finally we were ready at 5pm to set off which was too late in the day to make Troon. So we're in Kip Marina for the night. Got in at 10pm. There's been a few teething problems with the engine. The gear box is making a funny noise and its chewing fanbelts but I'm sure Karl will be able to sort. The depth is also showing nonsense at 20m and the steering is squeaky. But if this is the worst it gets I can live with this.

Thurs 26th July
This morning was spent in Kip Marina fixing some of the teething problems we had coming over. Set off for Troon at 2pm. Arrived at 7pm. We're feeling tired now. Looking forward to getting the big leg of the trip across Biscay over so we can relax in Spain for a bit. Jimmy is on a deadline and has to be back in the UK for 25th at the latest so we really have to push on with any jobs that we really need done to set sail so we can depart for beginning of August.

Stepped off Madison in Troon and bumped into Ann who is from Sheldon in Brum where I'm from. She was on our Yachtmaster theory course. She and her husband John, have just sailed their beautiful new yacht back from Sweden and will be based in Troon. Going to catch up later as I'm knackered.

Friday 27th July
Right we're making steps towards being ready for sailing to Ireland.
I spent the day emptying the cupboards and getting all the clothes and food organised. We've been stepping over bags for days now and it was annoying me somewhat. So its good to open a cupboard and know things are where I want them (for now anyway). Jimmy was over tonight and we had a bit of a social in the pub which was a welcome relief.

Sat 28th July
Karl worked on engine today - after recovering from hangover. The gear box oil was changed and all sorts of crap came out which explains the noise that we were getting. Fingers crossed the engine works a lot better.

Karls mum came in the evening to stay over and we went out to a lovely Italian for dinner with Jimmy.

Sunday 29th July
Big day today as everyone came over to see us off. D-Day is Thursday so this was really the last time I'll see a lot of folk. Had some nibbles and bubbly and lots of cups of tea. Mum and Eddie came over and were staying too. Pam, Louise, Colin, Jodie, Gran, Grandad, William, Emma, Iain, Mo, Clarey, Kirsty, Baz, Liz, Beanie, Bruce, Kathlene, George, Neil Williams, Les, Gary. So it was the most people Madison had ever seen in a while. It was emotional day with too many goodbyes and tears but had to be done. As Liz arrived much later that she was supposed to (as always) , Liz, Bruce and Beanie came for dinner with us, mum and Eddie. Had a lovely time and it was a great finish to a great day. Going to miss everybody so much.

Have met some lovely people in Troon. Davey, Jimmys mate brought us a bottle of wine and wished us good luck. What a smashing bloke. He's loaned us as storm jib. Kenny has also given us a jib. We can't believe how generous and supportive everyone is.

Monday 30th July
Got up early, made brekkie for Mum and Eddie and they headed off into Troon before going home. They knew we had lots of jobs to be done so weren't hanging around.

I spent most of the day chasing admin jobs and shouting at people at Demon, who weren't very helpful when I tried to change my email package.

Karl got the Navtext installed. As always theres a few teething problems with that as well.

Big finish to the day was Madison getting her name put on the stern finally…hooray. She looks even better now.

Tuesday 31st July
Spent the day yet again doing more jobs to get ready for departure on Thursday. Got my seicento back from Kilwinning garage so did final run to Colinton Mains Road for rest of our stuff. Not sure where its all going. May have to rethink what we take but we'll see.

Said our final farewells to Karls mum too. That was very hard. Got to do the same with my mum tomorrow. Dreading it as we'll miss each other so much. Thank goodness for mobile phones and the internet.

Wednesday 1st August
Got up at 6.30 to drive car back to Edinburgh one final time to hand it over to Karls mum. Had lots of jobs to do in Edinburgh so spent the whole time with my mum while we did them. She bought us a bon voyage cake which made me cry. Proceeded to spent a lot of the 4 hours trying not to cry, but it was hard as I knew I was leaving her for a good while. Was a wreck at the station when I got train back to Troon and looked a right plonker crying on the train. I'm not such a hard-faced so-and-so after all ;->

Thursday 2nd /Friday 3rd August
D-Day. Set off for Kinsale, S.Ireland at around 2.00pm today after doing a last dash to Morrisons for supplies and ranting down the phone at Demon for still not sorting my email access. But thankfully at 12.30pm they finally did. Can't go away without my email!
Sailing was great for the first 18 hours. We got the sails out for a fair bit of it, albeit we had to motor sail some of it . Its great not running the engine. Karl and I did the first half of the night shift and it was a fabulous night with the moon lighting the sea for us. How things change though. We went down for our sleep, came up and the seas had turned rough and we spent the next 12 hours fighting gale force winds and 12ft waves. One was not amused. But it was great fun at the same time. Unfortunately Karl and his dad turned very ill and were out of action. So team Ritchie/Neilson took us into Dublin. Don't know what we would have done without our Jimmy, he's been a star. Karl improved dramatically once we off the rough seas and in Dublin Bay and Dun Laoghaire Marina and was joking. How much difference a rough sea makes… So glad I've not been sea sick at all yet. Long may it continue. Got in around 7.00pm and spent next few hours tidying boat and getting clothes dry as Madison appears to have a few leaks, ok loads of leaks, and stuff was getting soaked.

Will rethink next part of journey tomorrow and see if we can make Kinsale in one hop for Sunday night. But only if we can improve the leaks situation.

Saturday 4th August/ Sunday 5th August
Had a good nights sleep on Friday ready for next round. Did a few jobs round the place including stocking up on the Stugeron!

Set off for Kinsale around 4pm with contingencies for Arklow and Waterford, depending on weather.
Had a good sail for the first few hours but then had to motor as wind died off. It sooned turned around though and the seas got rough. I got up at 6.30am after my sleep and we'd had 16ft waves and gale force again. Karl and Ken got ill for a second time, Ken had terrible cramps too and could barely move. Ken also fell off the bed and hurt his back. Diverted to Dunmore East Harbour, Waterford, however that still took us until 14.00 so a long hard sail again.
We rafted up along half a dozen fishing boats so will have to move early in morning for them as ropes not long enough to tie up to shore. We're too far from pontoon. We also spoil the view as all you can see are oilskins and sleeping bags pegged up on the various sheets.

At least we had a afternoon and an evening to relax. Went for dinner at the Ocean Hotel in Dunmore East, Waterford and booked Ken into the hotel for the night so he can have a proper nights rest. Will talk to him tomorrow about sending him home on plane as he's not physically fit enough to go on.

Rethinking Bay of Biscay due to Karls sea sickness. Looks like we'll be coastal hopping round the west of France to the north of Spain. Will check charts tomorrow and come to decision. But having rest day tomorrow too, thankfully. I'm knackered along with everyone else.

Monday 6th August
Set alarm to get up early to move boat for fishermen. Went up to Ocean Hotel and see Ken and break the news that he couldn't come with us. Understandably he wasn't very happy. Got him booked onto flight to Birmingham and my dad will meet him and sort him out for getting to Edinburgh.

Decided to sail for Waterford City Marina to make it easier for Ken getting off in morning. At the moment we're rafted against 4 fishing boats and its too much for him to climb over.

Waterford City was beautiful to sail into, very continental in style.

I cooked dinner , an exciting meal of tinned irish stew, tinned peas and carrots with fresh potatoes. Gourmet at its best!

Tuesday 7th/ Wed 8th/ Thurs 9th August
Karl took Ken to airport at nine and Jimmy and I sailed backed down to Dunmore East to pick him up from there.

Today is the day we sailed for France. It was a two day sail so it'll be Thursday when we get there. We were at Scilly Isles for Wednesday teatime after leaving Dunmore East at 2pm on the Tuesday.

There's a high pressure system with us til at least Thursday so had lovely sunny weather and calm seas all the way. Unfortunately this meant no wind and we motored the whole 2 days. We saw Dolphins on the first night, and they swam with us for 20mins. Must have been 15-30 of them. We were going to stop in the Scilly Isles for fuel but when we radioed in they said we would have to wait 17hrs (til next morning at 9.30) so we decided to keep going. Maybe not such a good move, we got becalmed in a traffic zone without enough fuel. So diverted to Ouessant. Karl and Jimmy thankfully are very resourceful and rigged up the outboard engine onto the back of Madison so we could make the final 5 miles, otherwise we could have been there for goodness how long.

Had a short stopover in Ouessant. Went out for dinner. We were moored up so had to use dinghy for first time. Thankfully that doesn't leak, or we would have all been swimming;->

Friday 10th August
Got up sharp and pick up some fuel and supplies and sailed round to Audierne.

Another lovely day and managed to motorsail. Achieved top speed of 10.5knts thanks to a favourable 4knt tide. I feel the need....the need for speed ;->

Saturday 11th / Monday 13th August
Went out to a lovely restaurant in Audierne on Friday night, called Albatross and had fantastic meal.

Spent the morning in Audierne. Karl and Jimmy sorted out the steering and checked the engine over. I tried to do some shopping but wasn't successful. The market was on which was great, but there was no Supermarket nearby for non-fresh supplies.

Set sail for Spain at 12.30. Had a 2 hour delay in St Evette where we were refuelling as we arrived just in time for their siesta. But finally got away around 4pm. Yet again due to the high pressure system there was none or very little wind. So motored most of the way. But at least we idn't get a soaking or a hammering. We saw pilot whales this time. They weren't as friendly as the dolphins thought. Arrived in Gijon after an uneventful 45 hour trip.

Went out for a food in the afternoon and then out again on the evening with a couple of guys we met on the yacht next to us.

Tuesday 14th August

Jimmy got his flight home this morning. It will be strange not having him around.

Met Looly and Martin (and their dog Moby). Also met another couple Andy and Alison. We were all going for drinks on Martin and Loolys boat, Lucky Jack. Luckily we got dinner on their boat too, which was good as we keep missing the shops (not used to their opening hours) and it was going to be something tinned for us otherwise.
It turned into a late night. There were fireworks at midnight which were on for Festival of the Assumption. I thought the Edinburgh fireworks were big and loud but they had nothing on this display.

Wednesday 15th August
Quiet day as everything closed for festival. Did jobs about boat. Met Looly and Martin for drinks on evening but not as late a one this time. It was also raining , where has the sunshine gone!

Thursday 16th August
Cleaned boat and sent laundry out as too much to do. Went and got shopping in for dinner and had a wander round town. Loulee and Martin came for dinner and drinks. Ended up back on their boat Lucky Jack until 3.30am playing board games and keeping Moby, their dog, company.

Friday 17th August
Another quiet one. Got more handwashing done. Have nearly caught up now. Only 2 or 3 wonderwash loads left. Phoned Jessica to wish her happy birthday but had to leave her a message. Got laundry back and it cost 70 euros. That hurt

Saturday 18th August
Found internet café with wifi. Did some more washing. Round at Looly and Martins for curry night and more drinks and games. at 2am this time, slightly earlier. Looly has found out she's pregnant so they are are going back to UK very soon.

Sunday 19th August
Easy day. Up late. Wandered out to Wifi café for an hour. Sat reading Harry Potter, its hard to put it down to get jobs done though.. Took Madison out to empty waste tank in bay. Not a pleasant job I know but it has to be done.

Monday 20th August
Got up a bit earlier to get to chandlers and hi-fi shop -need leads so we can get ipod and laptop playing through our amp. Did some more stuff in Café Instituto on laptop. Karl is flying back to the UK for definite on Weds as his dad is still in hospital and not improving. Got karls train ticket/planed ticket and ordered some stuff in Britain to be at my dads when he gets there on wed night/thurs.

Had easy evening reading Harry Potter and then watched Tenancious D on DVD through laptop and amp. Sounds much better with amp

Tuesday 21st August
Went to another city, Oviedo with Looly and Martin and Moby today for a day out. There was beautiful architecture everywhere. Stopped for a lovely lunch from the Menu del Dia, near the cathedral and stuffed our faces with 3 courses for the pricely sum of 12 euros (this included drink). Bargain!

Came back about 5pm. Chilled out for a few hours and ended up back round Looly and Martins for drinks. Didn't get home til 1.00am. They're a bad influence (and Looly isn't even drinking cos she's pregnant)

Wed 22nd August
Got up and helped Karl pack as he was flying back to Birmingham today to try and sort his dad out. Left him at bus station at 11.30 and had a slow walk back via the shops. Discovered great supermarket that has good selection, unlike Masymas, which we're using at the moment and is pretty poor.

Sat and finished off Harry Potter in the afternoon and returned it to Looly and scranned a cuppa too. Quiet evening spent sorting out some email stuff.

Thursday 23rd August
Up sharp to go use Wifi at Café Del Instituo, my second home these days.
Then went to Mercado Del Sur fresh market to practice my Spanish. I was cooking a seafood risotto for Martin and Looly and needed to get the mussels, calamari, white fish, langoustines and veg in. It was a good experience and I was pleased with myself, albeit I wasn't performing brain surgery

Had an easy afternoon reading and dozing. Was planning on doing some washing but weather wasn't fab.

Looly and Martin came round about 8pm for a feast, even though I do say so myself.

Not spoken to Karl since he's seen his dad today but his texts were upbeat.

Friday 24th August
Lazy day today. Didn't get up til 11.00, as if I need that much sleep.
Just read more and did some internet stuff. Skyped Karl to get update on his dad. Spoke to my Aunt Louise who will be over around 3rd sept. Started a Harry Potter DVD session. Watched Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. Left over seafood risotto for tea.

Saturday 25th August
Spent a couple of hours on the internet, doing some birthday cards for friends.
Spoke to Karl. His dad is improving slowly, no thanks to the hospital. But he hopes he'll be moving him by middle of next week.

Over at Looly and Martins for dinner, a delicious feast of BBQ chicken and cous cous with veggies. Not too late a finish, was home by about 12.15.

Sunday 26th
Yet another late start, need to get out of the habit of that. Will make effort to get up earlier tomorrow. Watched Hitchhikers Guide on DVD and read some more. Then as always went to internet café. Got to speak to mum for 30mins which was great.

Karls dad is still slowly improving. Fingers crossed he gets to Edinburgh soon, so my boy is back with me.

Monday 27th August
Actually managed to get up at 8.30 today. Have made a great start on the website too. Worked on template for it. Got basic pages in place.

Tuesday 28th August
There was storm at 6am this morning. Right over us, It was short lived but we had about 3 blasts of thunder and lightning very close together. It was quite nice lying listening to it, the down side is the rain that came with it. It was extremely heavy and very loud so couldn't sleep for a bit. No leaks that I could see thankfully. Miss Mo would have enjoyed the thunderstorm for sure.

Wed 29th August- Sunday 2nd September
Quiet week. Just skyping everyday and trying to get website up and running. Have organised photos in Picasa so I can put some web albums up too. Looly and Martin left on Thursday evening so my company has gone. Louise and Colin should be here Mon/Tues so only have 3 days on my own. Karl is going to be gone til about 10th Sept which means we'll probably still be here when I fly out for Tracys wedding on 14th. Passage making just doesn't seem to be happening for us. Not sure where we'll be for Xmas.

Spoke to Emma Neilson and wished her Happy Birthday.

Have been enjoying some chick flicks on DVD - Bridget Jones etc... Sure Karl will be glad he wasn't here!

Monday September 3rd
Went out early in the morning to get the internet thing done before Louise and Colin arrived. Got some shopping for their mix bean chilli I was doing for dinner.
Karl phoned to say he was moving his dad to Edinburgh tomorrow so I went and booked his train ticket.
Louise and Colin arrived around 6.00 on their motor bike. It was fabulous to see them. Just chilled, drank, stuffed our faces, gabbed and then had a wee wander and a couple of beers in town about 11.00pm. A late night for Louise who loves her bed.

Tuesday 4th September
Got up at nine and got brekkie and chilled a bit. Then we went for a wander to the fresh market and supermercado for stuff for lunch, including more beer! Why does everything revolve around food and drink… Karl called and they were on the train to Edinburgh ok. Spent afternoon lying about on deck in sunshine.

Wednesday 5th September
We were all feeling very virtuous today. We got up (not early, because that now seems to be against the law)
Had an easy brekkie of bread/jam, yoghurt and fruit. Then decided to walk to the Botanic gardens. The receptionist in the port seemed to think this was too great a distance but I had read it was only a few kms. So off we went. It was boiling hot (we finally seem to be in the middle of beautiful hot sunny spell) but with a lovely wind to keep us cool. It took us a couple of hours but was worth it as the gardens were lovely (unfortunately half of them were closed). We were very naughty as a red pepper from the vegetable garden fell into our back pack for our tea later. We dosed on the grass and had a picnic before heading back to Gijon around 6pm on the bus.
It was a great day out.

Did the usual skype-ing for an hour on the night, Louise and Colin phoning their clan and me phoning Karl and my mammie.

Thursday 6th September
After another late start we packed up a rucksack of goodies and stuff and headed for a day on the beach. Proceeded to spend about 5 hours lying about turning various shades of red. It was a bit windy so even after showers sand still seems to be in our hair, ears etc… Will probably be finding it for weeks to come.
I made the sofa into a double bed by putting the table down, set up Grosse Point Blank in the DVD, plugged it into the amp and we had a night at the movies with a cold beer …excellent finish to an excellent day.

A bigger plus being that Karl is back tomorrow…hooray

Friday 7th September
Louise and Colin left at lunchtime today which gave me a few hours pottering before Karl got back at teatime
Went along and met Karl from Bus. It was great to see him - no surprises there.

He did get into bother within the hour as he'd gone mad in TK Maxx in Edinburgh as lots of stuff was down to £1 - £2 so had a booty for me. Not sure if a girls needs 9 bikins, 5 pairs of flip flops etc.. but its always nice to get stuff - although he shouldn't have spent the money due to us being skint.

Saturday 8th - 13th September
We spent the last few days sorting stuff on boat. Got a few jobs done that we need before we set sail again. Karl is going to seal the toe-rail around the outside of Madison while I'm away at Tracys wedding this weekend. Booked the ticket for the plane to London for wedding. Why are the train tickets as expensive as the plane though… its ridiculous.

Took Karl to fresh market as he'd not been before. We have also managed one ½ hour run and we're eating healthy breakfasts each day. Long may it continue.

Friday 14th - 17th September
What a great weekend . Iflew out to London to attend my friend Tracys wedding to her lovely beau, Adrian. Unfortunately both of us couldn't go due to budget restrictions. The upside to this being I got lots of time with my girlie mates from Uni, Lisa A, Lisa B and Claire (as well as the bride of course). Wedding was on the Saturday in a beautiful place called Hodsock Priory. Tracy look absolutely stunning (even at 3am the next morning). The wedding was fab with a proper Ceilidh and a caller who directed us, so we sorted of looked like we knew what we were doing. The bridesmaids were gorgeous, two of whom were weeks off giving birth. Thankfully there were no early deliveries! We managed to keep the party going til the early hours back the Holiday Inn (much to the disgust of the night porter).

I spent the Sunday afternoon/evening in Thame, Oxfordshire at Lisa A and Ian's, as they were putting me up for the night so that I could get to London easily on the Monday for coming back to Gijon.

I'm glad to report there was no hangover and the worst I had was sore feet from the ridiculously high heels I wore, (thankfully I took my ballet pumps in preparation for the dancing).

Poor Karl was left to fend for himself for the 3 days while I was gallivanting but he managed a day at the Botanical Gardens with Irene, who was on her own on another yacht in the marina, Medora. Her husband had to return to Britain too for a while.

Tuesday 18th September
Having checked the weather Wednesday was looking like a good day for finally leaving Gijon after being there over 5 weeks (and blowing out marina budget instantly). So we victualled for food and beer and organised Madison. Irene came over for dinner too and we had a great evening in with plenty of wine flowing.

Wednesday 19th- Tuesday 25th September
After taking longer than expected we set off for the North West corner of Spain.
Yet again the wind was more or less none existent or blowing directly on the nose so in four days we managed only 3 hours of sailing. The stunning coastline of Galicia made up for this. It was like being in Scotland,

We anchored for the first time ever at 2:00am in the dark in an anchorage near Ribadeo - maybe not the best time to try anchoring. Thankfully after our first failed attempt to secure the anchor we managed to get a good hold, set the anchor alarm so we knew if we were dragging and get some sleep. The next day we sailed to Vivero and anchored near the beach. We used our dinghy to get the few yards to the slipway and went into town for a beer. After only one beer we went for a walk about and Karl sustained an injury. We were walking forwards but looking backwards at something and didn't see the tree that managed to puncture his head. Thankfully no lasting damage was done and no-one saw us being so stupid as to not look where we were going. Next day we sailed onto a place called Cedeiro and anchored in the harbour and used our dinghy to get into town again. Found an internet café and did some admin stuff. Finally on Saturday afternoon, after setting sailing from Cedeira we arrived in La Coruna marina, having encountered a basking shark, which was swimming around near the surface. A fabulous sight. We weren't staying in the marina the first night to save money, so got a free couple of hours to nip to shops and top up the water tanks and then went and anchored a mile away for the night. Thankfully we were the only yacht in the anchorage as the fog quickly came in very thick and we couldn't see a thing all night. On Sunday morning , with the radar on, we negotiated the fog and came back and got a berth in the marina next to a great couple from Lancs, Joe and Jane who have been living in La Coruna, on board for 2 years now. Good people to know - they have all the local knowledge we needed. Now the second injury was to be sustained. I was doing some washing with my fandabbydozy Wonderwash machine (its all manual) when I lost the handle overboard. In a panic to retrieve it, I jumped onto the pontoon and slipped, bruising both my legs. However I soldiered on bravely, saved the handle and got the washing done while Karl changed the engine oil and fixed more leaks.

Sunday evening was spent on Joe and Janes ketch, Ruddles, socialisng, eating and drinking far too much.

On Monday we decided to stay in the marina another night and get some more jobs done, restock cupboards etc…. Joe wasn't feeling very well so Jane came over for dinner herself on the night and we ended up talking til 00:45. I just don't know where the time goes sometimes.

On Tuesday morning, the third injury was sustained (well they say bad things come in threes). I slipped on the walkway up to the town from the marina and hurt my back. Thankfully it doesn't seem too bad and a few painkillers should do the trick. We can't afford to stay any longer in the marina so are anchoring a mile outside again. Hopefully we'll be able to make the hop to Camarinas and then Bayona (both approx 60 miles each) in next 24hours. Then we'll be in Portugal nearly. A big physical as well as psychological milestone for both of us.

Friday 25th September - 3rd October
We anchored last night just across from La Coruna and headed out early for Camarinas which is right at the very northern western tip of Spain. This would bring us onto the west coast ready for the hop into Portugal.
Unfortunately we passed a whole bunch of what can only have been pollution from an outfall pipe. It was all sitting on the top of the water and was disgusting. It went on for a mile or so as we left La Coruna. Poor Madison wasn't happy about it but we couldn't avoid it completely. As always we were motoring due to lack of wind. But that was good as the swell was up to 3m and it wouldn't have been pleasant combined with high winds. Arrived in Camarinas just in time for the wind to get up to 25kts. Thank goodness we didn't set off any later as I wouldn't have been happy getting caught out at sea in that. We anchored and let the bad weather pass over us for the next 2 days. It was bright and sunny albeit v.windy.

On 28th we set off once again. We had to stop v.briefly in Camarinas Marina for fuel where I managed to crash the boat, it had to happen at some point. That's what we get for not being properly prepared to step off and tie up and panicking. Thankfully it was only a little ding and everyone else seems to do it without getting stressed at all. Some sailors never seem to put fenders out and always hit the pontoon. So I was stressed this time but no doubt next time it happens I won't be ;->

We headed for Baiona. Motoring again. Karl tried fishing but still has had no luck. We did see dolphins again and they never fail to amaze me. We were to have a minor tragedy on this leg though. A little bird flew onto the boat that obviously was lost. He wasn't a sea bird and was v.tame. So we think he'd escaped. He was v.tired and eventually made himself comfortable down below. Firstly behind the laptop where it was warm (until the VHF radio came on and gave him a scare) and then on the corner of the sofa backs. He nuzzle himself down and went to sleep.

We got into Baiona about 1am-2am and anchored up. We had to shut up the boat so Gilbert the Green Bird (we named him) was left to sleep inside. We left out some biscuit crumbs and chopped up sultanas and water for him so if he woke up he could eat and drink at least. Our plan was to set him free in the morning and leave him to fly to land. I heard him chirping in the morning once. When we got up a bit later, he had died. Don't know if he panicked and had a heartache or choked on the sultanas but he was definitely dead. It was quite sad. We're waiting on the autopsy results from Quincy MD before the procurator fiscal decides if charges are to be brought against us for neglect! Anyway we got a picture of him, alive I might add. So check out the web album.

Weather in Baiona on the first day there wasn't great so again we never went ashore. My mobile network was down so had no internet or phone. Felt very cut off. But we did off the boat the next day and for my birthday to go shopping, but only food shopping, nothing exciting. I had 4 cards to put up (thanks mum, dad, Lisa B and the SE girls) so it did feel like my birthday. We are going out for a meal but only when I see somewhere I fancy and Baiona wasn't the place. It wasn't as nice and friendly as Gijon or La Coruna.

We left Baiona on the 2nd to head for Portugal - Povoa de Varzim. We had good reports about it and were looking forward to crossing the border. Got into Povoa late at night (we did get up early in Baiona and set off at 9am but had to turn back as a drive belt was giving us probs. Didn't set off again til midday so had to do a couple of hours in the dark.) Anyway it was great getting to Portugal, another one of those milestones that you makes you feel like you're making real progress. We saw more dolphins. Managed not to kill any birds aswell, which is a bonus. Also had a bit of 60s revival on board. Had the tunes blasting and were dancing about the cockpit. There's nothing like a bit of Elvis, Buddy and Dusty.

We didn't realise that Portugal is the same as UK time so wondered why the office wasn't open at 9am (only to be told that it was actually 8am). Its great though, theres free Wifi, showers, washing machines. So we can have a bit of normality for 24hours before heading off again.

Wednesday 4th October - Sunday 6th October
Ended up staying 3 nights in Povoa De Varzim as it was only 11euros a night and also a sailmaker we were seeing in Leixoes, which is the next hop, wasn't available til the Monday as it was a bank holiday weekend.
We met so many lovely people in Povoa. There are a lot of brits that are live aboard there. Had a couple of visits with Kym and Bob. They have come from Sweden where they picked up their brand new boat a few years ago.

The marina was basic but the staff lovely, free wifi (and it may sound sad but they had a washing machine and dryer that didn't cost the earth - bloomin luxury!!!). Left Povoa for Leixoes on the Saturday afternoon to arrive at teatime and anchor up just outside the marina.

Sunday 7th October - Wednesday 10th October
Had a quick wander into Leixoes on Sunday afternoon, met a few other liveaboards in the marina on the way in, on our dinghy. Found a supermarket for the necessary supplies - beer, wine and a few bits of something to eat! Treated ourselves to an ice cream on the promenade. All the places we visit always have beautiful, picturesque promenades and its lovely just people watching.

On the way back from Leixoes to Madison in the dinghy, we decided to say hello to our neighbours, the catamaran, Jade, that was anchored besides us. So glad we did as we met Pete and Shirl from New Zealand. They have been doing this cruising malarakey for years and have sailed all over the world. It turns out they could help us fix our sail without us paying a sailmaker - bonus. Ended up chatting with them until late in the evening. They are on their way to Turkey. What a great pair and v. funny. We're meeting lovely folk on this trip

The next day we did some jobs on the boat. A lovely classic boat, Mina, came in and anchored and that belonged to a great young guy called James who is on his way to the Carribean.

We had a quick visit with Pete and Shirl that afternoon in Leixoes and helped with their laptop and were planning to leave for Aveiro the next day. But James came over on the morning and we ended up having most of the day with him. He had built the boat up himself after buying it in disrepair and made everything on it. Theres no engine and he even stitched his own sails. We were well impressed and Mina is truly beautiful. Karl took the generator over to him as he thought he had battery problems. Then he came back and we indulged ourselves with nibbles and G&Ts and then we all had dinner, indulged ourselves with wine and port and played Pass the Pigs. If you've never played it then you should. If you come over and visit, we'll make you.

We finally set off for Aveiro on the 10th. We still seem to be motor sailing most of the way.
Arrived to see Pete and Shirl there still. We are both setting off for Nazare tomorrow. It's a long hop so need to be up early.

Thursday 11th October
Got up v.early for a 6.30 kick off today. It was a 80 mile sail today and we had to go via a place called Figueira de Foz for fuel as we were running low. All this motorsailing takes it toll on the wallet.
It wasn't too bad a day though. Lovely weather. Got in Nazare at 21.30 behind Pete and Shirl who were anchoring there too. Its nice to have company along the way.

Friday 12th October- Sunday 14th October
Had a bit of lie in today after yesterdays early start and headed off for Peniche via a island bird sanctuary, Ilhas De Berlenga. It was only a short sail so there was no rush. There were so many dolphins today that swam with us, it was believable. I have lots of video footage, some of which will appear on the website. I apologise in advance for the stupid baby voices and screeching on the footage, I was a little bit over excited about the whole thing. I don't know why, but I just never seem to get bored of the dolphins. Everytime we see them, its like we're seeing them for the first time. They look up you and see who you are. Its just awesome. Anyway after the dolphins we went and anchored for a hour or so at Ihas De Berlenga and went ashore for a bit of sightseeing and walking. It's a beautiful island with an old fort on it and lighthouse (see web for piccies).

Arrived in Peniche after Pete and Shirl and headed over for dinner with them. It was great. They had done a lovely beef joint and spuds in the BBQ. I think Karl may have forgotten what real meat was so it was a real treat.

We went into town for a wander the next day and to do some wifi then headed for a supermarket for some food so I could repay Pete and Shirl's hospitality. We had them over to us for dinner. Did an pesto pasta and chicken. Accompanied of course by a wee beverage and chocolate for pudding. Perfect. It wasn't a late night as we were getting up early the next day to head off around 7.00 for Cascais.

Arrived in Cascais in good time on Sunday and even got a few hours sailing in without the engine on, finally.
Got the dinghy into the town and spent a couple of hours wandering and phoning my mum for a good chat as we'd not spoken properly for a week. James had also arrived having done a solid 50hour sail from Leixoes.

Can't believe we're nearly in the Algarve. We're making great progress this last couple of weeks. Think we'll be heading for Sines tomorrow.

Monday 15th - Tuesday 16th October
Didn't go to Sines for another 2 days instead we had some time in Cascais. Got dressed up too so I could go out for my birthday dinner finally. Went to a lovely restaurant that served fresh fish so we chose a whole sea bass between us. Check out the photos. Just had time wandering around the town, sorting out website. Had some birthday money so treated myself to a new jacket as I didn't have jackets with me at all. Only fleeces.

Wednesday 17th - Thursday 18th October
Headed for Sines today. Arrived just before dark. Not a great last hour of the sail as the wind and tide were against each other so it got a bit choppy. Just had a relaxing even. Karl caught four fish so fish pie tomorrow.

James arrived on Mina the next morning in Sines. So we shared a washing machine (anything to save a few euros). We had to pay for the first time at anchor so made use of the showers and did a load of hand washing using their water and sinks. V.cheeky. Just had an easy day around boat. Karl popped into town for supplies - beer, cake and crisps. James brought some sweet potato and we all had a lovely fish pie. I like it all more because the fish was free. Pete and Shirl arrived later that evening and went early next morning before we could say hi.

Friday 19th October
Set sail for an anchorage only 17miles away today, aiming to arrive at teatime. When we got there we couldn't anchor as the sand had shifted and there wasn't enough depth to get in. Had to keep going into the night. Thankfully James had noted down another anchorage, Arrifana, at the last minute for us that was another 25 miles away so we managed to find that instead and got in at 10.30pm, only to see Pete and Shirl's anchor lights. They can't escape from us at all. Hope they don't think we're stalking them. It was a welcome sight at that time of night, very reassuring.

Saturday 20th October
Today we got up sharp and headed out of Arrifana and onto Portimao. The swell was horrible and the flies were annoying us all day. Don't know why they keep heading out to sea to us. You'd think there'd be more interesting food onshore. Anyway the dozen or so lovely dragonflies that decided to sail along with us for an hour or so cancelled both of these things out. Not sure where they were going, they weren't very talkative but were happy for the rest. Have put some photos on the website. Arrived at Portimao at teatime.

Sunday 21st October
Today was a great day. We packed up our towels and sun cream and had a day at the beach sunbathing and chilling, reading our books. We've just finished reading Wilbur Smiths 'Blue Horizon' and it was brilliant. We both highly recommend it. Keep thinking I should start a book page on the website as we're reading some really good ones.

Got back to Madison at teatime and James was sailing in on Mina so invited him over for dinner. It was a grand meal, mixed bean curry ;-> Well its good for your innards that's for sure.

Monday 22nd October - 23rd October
Unfortunately we got kicked out of our Portimao anchorage this morning, due to them dredging the Bay. Which meant that we never got to explore it (we weren't about to start paying extortionate rates for the marina). It was a bit of a pain as the place we were planning to sail to next has tide restrictions and we would have had to sail at 6.00am so were far too late to leave. Instead we cheekily sailed to Albufeira, which has a marina. We anchored near the beach outside till dark and the marina office was closed then went in for a free night at the marina to fill the water tanks and charge the batteries. We then left at 5.30am so we could make Olhao anchorage, which was restricted, by the tide.

Arrived at Olhao at lunchtime just before high tide. It looks like a great expanse of water once you pass through the breakwaters but there is a marked channel that you must follow if you have a keel (flat bottomed boats are ok.) Its only when low water comes that you realise why. The whole place dries out, out with the channel. Its all sandbanks. It's crazy that it was all covered with water only a few hours before. Anyway we anchored up just in time and the wind picked up. We were intending on going ashore but think that will wait til tomorrow when its calmed down.

The next hop will see us return to Spain. Must remember to change the clocks this time.

Wednesday 24th - Tuesday 30th October
We ended up staying in Olhao for two more days and just spent the time wandering about, getting in supplies and chilling. On the Friday we finally sailed into Spain and into the Bay of Cadiz to a place called Rota. We never got there until 2am and anchored up. We heard sirens about 8am but ignored them and went to sleep. The Bay of Cadiz has a huge naval base so assumed it was something to do with that. However about 1.5hrs later we heard the sirens again and this time they were right next to us. Karl got up to see what was happening and there was an American patrol boat telling us we'd anchored in a military zone and would need to move a 100yds….ooops. At least they didn't shoot us and were very nice about it.

We didn't stay in Rota, instead we set straight off after our rude awakening to head for Barbate which was very close to Gibraltar. However the weather was a lot worse than predicted and we had to head into a little fishing harbour, Puerto de Conil. Thankfully it was a weekend so we wouldn't be in their way as all the boats were in. We did make a sharp exit the next morning, Sunday, though to head for Barbate again. This is where we encountered the very strong currents that affect the straits of Gibraltar. At one point we had 4kts going against us. So it took us a few hours to do just 7 miles.

We made it safely to Barbate marina and paid for a night thinking we would be moving the next day. However the bad weather we encountered coming down was the forerunner to an easterly wind, Levante, that would hold us in Barbate until Tuesday. The upside to this was we met a lovely Belgium man, Gerard who is a singlehanded sailor on his yacht, Archimaid, on his way to Menorca. So as is always the case we shared a few drinks and nibbles on both days we were there. Well you have to be socialable.

We departed Barbate on Tuesday afternoon to try and catch the most favourable tides to Tarifa which is an anchorage only 13miles from Gibraltar. This is it, the last one before we hit the gateway to the Med. It was a good anchorage and it was ashame we were leaving at 6.30 the next morning to catch the tides again, as there were lots of fortifications and it looked like an interesting place. Maybe we'll stop there on our way back.

Wed 31st October - Halloween - Friday 2nd November
Arrived in Gibraltar after our 6.30am start. Got into Marina Bay for 10.00am. We needed to time it for high tide due to the strong currents that run around here. Had to sail very close to some very large ships (see photos). A bit daunting, but we have been assured that you get used to it. It was like Piccadilly Circus. It's the first time we've had to go bow-to in a marina (it's not a nice pontoon that we can step onto, like Troon), so we have a plank of wood off the bows that is precariously tied to the boat and concrete walkway and you take your chance. In calm weather not an issue at all but given the gale force winds we're experiencing I'm not liking it one bit. We're also right next to the runway (its yards from us) so have noisy military jets coming and going.

We're not very impressed with Gibraltar and if it wasn't for coming here to see where my mum spent some of her childhood, I would have been happy to skip out again. Its far too British and a great big construction site like Dubai. Everything is too expensive - including the marina - even though it's a duty free zone. They even have neds - a group of whom were all arrested on Halloween, it made the main news here on Gibraltar radio.

I did find my mums old school which was great but have not made it out to her house yet. The Levante wind has returned and for all we really don't want to be here we're stuck until it all calms down, possibly 4th/5th Nov. Unfortunately its costing us money but c'est la vie. If it calms down enough just to escape to the anchorage we will.

Wednesday 7th November - Thursday 15th November
Spent 2 nights and 1 day in Duquesa. It was a bit of a British tourist trap. There was nothing Spanish near the marina, albeit it was very beautiful. In true British tradition it was overpriced. We had a few issues with the engine that Karl needed to fix which is why we stayed an extra day. We were intending to only stay the night and move on.

On the Thursday we moved onto Fuengirola and into another marina due to easterlies and lack of anchorages. Fortunately we met a mad, crazy Italian man, Vincenzo, who was berthed next to us for the 2 nights were there. He is on his way to the Caribbean. So we spent some time with him. We were going to Ikea which had recently opened so he offered to drive us which made life a lot easier. What did we want from Ikea you may ask…well believe it or not a floor for our dinghy. Our dinghy is old and a bit wobbly so we bought a springy wooden bed base from Ikea and made it fit. So now our dinghy is more rigid. A new dinghy would be better but spending 19 euros is more attractive than spending £300!

We left Fuengirola even though Vincenzo tried to persuade us to stay. But he had a lady that had flown in from Italy to see him for a blind date and we think that he had enough to do without us waiting about ;-> So we left on the Saturday and sailed for Caleta de Velez. Yet another marina visit. We stayed 2 nights here too. But fortunately met Gerard, Yacht Archimaid. He came into the marina a few hours after us and just as I was cooking a curry. So he came over for dinner. We spent most of the next day cleaning Madison inside and out as she was looking a bit grubby and was covered in salt. She looked great afterwards. Then Gerard cooked a lovely Spaghetti Carbonara for us in return. We both got kicked out the next day as the marina needed the spaces back.

So off we went again. As we were having to motor and were paying for marinas we thought we may as well do a 24 hour trip and get off the south coast of Spain and onto the East coast where there was a better chance of finding an anchorage. This way we only wasted money on fuel rather than fuel and marinas. So 110miles later and we were anchored at beach near San Pedro. We arrived at 7.00am when it was still dark. We had 2.5 hours sleep and were getting ready to go again when a swimmer came for a visit. It turns out that the beach is a hippy community with people living in makeshift tents. The swimmer was a German chap that was touring about with his backpack. Think he was waiting for an invite to come sailing with us but we weren't forthcoming. He was really pleasant though and its one of the joys of doing what we do - getting to meet lots of interesting people. So after only 4 hours at San Pedro off we went again to anchor in Aguilas. Karl also managed to catch a fish en route, so we had a fresh meal when we arrived.

So that's where we are now. It's a beautiful town with an old castle and lovely buildings and plazas. We'll be leaving tomorrow after 2 days and 3 nights but have thoroughly enjoyed wandering about and drinking Café con Leche. Karl also went snorkelling around the boat as the water is the clearest and cleanest we've ever seen in a harbour. He didn't just go for fun though he was cleaning all the algae off from around the waterline. There are no other boats here so no new friends to be made this time. I think most people are in marinas now for the winter. Our next task is to find a marina for my mum and Eddie visiting us at Xmas. But we have a list of them ready and its just a case of sailing in and trying to negotiate a berth.

Friday 16th November - Saturday 24th November
Well we ended up staying an extra day in Aguilas so that we could leave when the weather was favourable for us. This meant that we were fortunate enough to meet a Belgium gentlemen, Marc and his dog Senna who had anchored beside us. They came over for a visit and we had a couple of beers. Senna is a lovely dog, a Pug and so friendly. So I lied when I said that we didn't make any new friends in Aguilas. Glad we stayed the extra day now. Marc is a funny guy, albeit slightly crazy (as you will see from his website).

Saturday 17th November
We went over on Saturday morning for a coffee with Marc and Senna. Marc has a website himself so we were obliged to join his fan club that is on it (have a look at the links page and you'll be able to access the site). Hopefully you will have a giggle at it, we certainly did. Then off we went to Cartagena for a night. It has a marina that we were checking out as a potential for us whilst my mum visits. Unfortunately it isn't finished and the facilities weren't great. The town looked lovely, very old and lots of interesting architecture but that isn't enough to tempt us to stay for a prolonged period. We have however been in touch with Gerard, Yacht Archimaid and hope to meet up with him again.

Sunday 18th November
We set off at lunchtime to Cabo Palos where we knew we could anchor. It was a good sailing day and manage to have a great trip. There were no other boats in the anchorage, only us and the lighthouse. Gerard is in front of us and has gone into the Mar Menor (which is an inland sea) so not sure when we'll catch up with him.

Monday 19th November
Finally we met up with Gerard. We were planning on going to Santa Pola today but the wind died and we diverted to Torrevieja to anchor inside the harbour. Fortunately Gerard was on his way out of the Mar Menor so came too and we had dinner together and a catch up. Tomorrow Karl and Gerard are hoping to go for a dive. Gerard is a professional diving instructor so Karl is in safe hands.

Tuesday 20th November
Today Karl dived just north of Torrevieja for 45mins with Gerard. So he has done the diary entry for that. Check out the photos too. After the dive both yachts headed for Santa Pola to check out the marinas for wintering. Gerard is leaving his boat to go home for Xmas.

KARL: I had been asking Gerard about diving equipment and what he thought I should look out for in terms of brands and what are the essentials. This had resulted in a very kind offer of taking me diving. I had said that would be great but then we had gone our separate ways for a while. Upon reuniting with Gerard in Torrevieja he was keen to find an opportunity to dive so headed off before us to scout the coast ahead. We quickly readied the boat, which involved taking down the anchor symbol (black ball hoisted in the fore triangle), deflating the dinghy, switch on the navigation equipment, put in a route, hoist the mainsail, start the engine after checking oil and water, before raising the anchor and heading slowly out of the harbour.

I was excited so was doing this as quickly as possible, so that Gerard was not too far ahead and having to wait for us. By 10:20 we had exited the harbour and rounded the pier end and I pushed up the revs to take us to 6.5 knots. We had a slight tide with us and I could just see Archimaid, Gerard's boat which is a Jeanneau 40DS.

By the time we caught up with him he was very close to the coast but only about 3 miles from Torrevieja. We eventually picked a spot where we had some shelter from a rolling swell coming from the SSE and dropped anchor. Gerard had talked me through some things the night before over a bottle of wine, so we had another chat about safety with our now clear heads. I was then kitted out with wetsuit, weights, stab jacket (this fills with air to keep you afloat) fins and mask.

It's amazing how much this weighs and it is hard to stand up. Gerard tried to persuade Laura to take part…"there is equipment enough" he kept saying but she was not having any of it. I am glad she decided not to go as I think she will be more likely to enjoy it if she decides to take a full course with classroom and maybe swimming pool taster session, as despite diving once before, I was very nervous when I fell back into the cold water. It took me a little time to get my breathing under control, partly to do with the cold but also my nervousness.

Gerard took us down to the bottom, which was only 6.4 metres down. All the way you have to equalise by holding your nose and trying to blow at the same time, this stops your ears from hurting and getting damaged. Once on the seabed there were caves and small holes full of fish all around, we started to explore. Gerard had a waterproof camera that took some great images. I can't lie, it was nice to get back to the surface, but was an experience to remember and one that I would love to do again. I think it would be great to have a tank and stab jacket on the boat so that I can drop in to sort out a problem with the anchor or fix the speed gauge on the bottom of the boat, but it is hard to imagine where we would put all the stuff.

We were down for around 50 minutes in total but it felt like a lot less. Big thanks to Gerard, he has been really great company and such good fun

Wednesday 21st November - Saturday 24th November
We have found our marina for the next 60 days while my mum and Eddie visit us for the month. It is brand new (but finished unlike Cartagena) so we have good facilities. It looks like we can get lifted out for a reasonable price too so we can finally get Madison cleaned and polished on the outside properly. So now we need to explore the town before Mum comes and also get all the jobs on Maddie finished that we never got around to. We need to make the most of the shore power. Thankfully we have wifi on the boat, which means we can contact family and friends easily. So look out for us on Skype and MSN Messenger.

Gerard is also going to stay here too so we have company. It couldn't have worked out better. Unfortunately we've not seen our friends Pete and Shirl, from Jade for ages and they have just emailed to say they are south of us in Torrevieja but are heading for Tunisia for Xmas. So we'll need to make sure we hook up with them next year in Greece/Turkey.
























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