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Jess' Views



Jess' Views

Hi Everyone,
I'm Jess, the ship's cat. Until now I have been ignored by those two! Ok so I'm stuffed and I don't exactly need a litter tray and feeding, but still I ask you, do I deserve to be ignored?

No!...I knew you would agree with me.

When I was the mascot for the Seicento it wasn't so bad, at least I got to look out of the car window, since I've been on Madison I've only been allowed on deck once and that was so they could show me off as the ship's cat. The rest of the time they keep me cooped up in the corner of the sofa doing nothing.

To avoid going stir crazy, I have been doing a lot of reading and the other day caught sight of them putting the password into the computer, so when they are out I can update you on 'What's hot and Whats not! in my world of trashy novels.

Thanks for looking, its nice to know I'm not being completely ignored (just hope that they don't notice and remove the page).



Dead Funny - Tom Holt ,This is two books in one, 'The Flying Dutchman' and 'Faust among Equals' and lives up to the title *****

Old Filth - Jane Gardam Not a bad read for guys or girls, about an old judges life ***

Coastliners - Joanne Harris, About a small feuding community in Brittany, full of surprises, great read ****

Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown, Goes without saying, read it twice, *****

Blue Horizon - Wilbur Smith, A gripping yarn full of excitement, read it. (Hope they get some more Wilbur Smith) *****

A Cold Red Sunrise - Stuart M Kaminsky, Terrible book, don't read it - give it to the dog.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling, Great ending to a great story *****

Liar - Stephen Fry, Off the wall but very funny ****

Casting Off - Libby Purves, good real, midlife crisis yarn, lots of nautical stuff in it***

The Lighthouse - PD James, good murder mystery to keep you guessing, set in lovely location***

End in Tears - Ruth Rendell, another good murder mystery with Inspector Wexford***

Lets Dance - Frances Fyfield, OK read to pass the time but nothing spectacular **

Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella , great chick lit, not for the boys ****

The Tennis Party - Madeleine Whickham, More easy reading chicklit***

Cocktails for Three - Madeleine Whickham, More chicklit to fill the hours***

The Last Lighthouse Keeper - Alan Titchmarsh, Good read, gentle story with abit of crime thrown in ***

The Tortilla Curtain - TC Boyle, Great book, exploring human nature ****

Sea Change - Peter Nichols,Great read about a mans final journey with his boat*****

My Sisters Keeper - Jodi Piccoult, Brilliant book. Cried with the characters, read it*****

The Touch - Colleen McCullough, Good read, a step through history as well a good story****

A Man named Dave - Dave Pelzer, Brilliant book about an inspiring guy, read it (but it might make you cry too)*****


























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