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Madisons Story

Madison was previously known as Caprera and had been living in Hoo, Kent on the hard when we found her in February 2006 . She had not been in the water for years and was an empty hull except for her engine. As we always seem to need some sort of project we decided it would be a good idea to buy her and fit her out. How simple things seemed back in April 2006! Had we known what we know, would we have bought a boat that was in a more finished state, I don't know. A bigger factor was that we probably couldn't have afforded it.

So fit her out is what we did. It took us until July 2007 (10 weeks overdue from our original day of Mid May - not bad going really) and finally she was ready for the water and our adventure was to truly begin. Although it did start when we bought her, getting her in the water made it feel real.

She was launched in Rothesay Docks, Glasgow on Saturday 14th July 2007. A landmark occasion.. celebrated by Laura sleeping almost instantly. You would have thought there would be champagne etc... but no there was still alot of work to do before we could set sail so there was no time for that.

We then moved her to Troon Yacht Haven a week and a bit later. On Sunday 29th July 2007 all our friends and family came for a look around (the almost finished) Madison and to say their goodbyes, the champagne and wine was opened today instead. It was a good day

On Thursday 2nd August 2007we left Britain.




























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