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Jess' Views



JS Therapies Massage Therapy and Holistic Health

My friend Jen's Massage Therapy and Holistic Health business. Have a look and if you're in the area go and get a massage. You'll feel a lot better for it.

Marc , Yacht Monade

A website belonging to a lovely Belgian chap called Marc and his dog Casper (sadly Senna the original dog was dognapped). The Fanclub is particularly funny if you look closely. I'm sure you'll have a laugh. We met up with Marc originally in November 2007, Aguilas, Spain but then again in May 2009 in Siracusa, Sicily.

Karls Blipfoto

Karls link to his photos on Blipfoto - the zero-fuss, free website that lets anyone join in and publish one photo a day.

Laura's 30th Birthday Website

Created by my pals, Lisa B, Lisa A, Tracy and Claire for my 30th Birthday (2001)
























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