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August in the Ionian

August has been a very lazy month for us mostly due to the heat and humidity.In the afternoons you just donít want to do anything but lie around waiting for the sun to go down and have the occasional swim to cool down.

However in between this we have managed to see a few more places and meet a few more people.

After Fiskardo we headed back down to Sami to refuel, fill up with water and victual.However as we quite like Sami we stayed for 5 days in the end. There was a lovely Italian couple, Enrico and Paola on our port side and a lovely British couple, Brian and Irene on our starboard side. Both of whom were staying for a few days so we didnít feel a need to rush away. We had a couple of meals out, enjoyed a swim or two and Smudge had some lovely early morning walks on the beach.Every afternoon a lovely breeze blew through Sami making the August heat more bearable (maybe this is why we stayed so long).††

Unfortunately in Sami we discovered some creepy crawlies on board Ė not so many to call it an infestation but more than 1 Ė so we spent a few hours stripping everything out of the cupboards, having a deep clean and laying traps to kill any we didnít get. Luck was on our side it would seem and we must have spotted them early enough and before they had a chance for a full invasion as we only found 1 or 2 dead beasties after our spring clean and trap laying and so far all seems well.

Finally we decided we had to go and headed north to the island of Lefkas.There is a lovely bay on the south of the island called Sivota that we hadnít visited before so we headed there and found room on a pontoon alongwith with electricity and water.The restaurant, Stavros that owned the pontoon also had showers so we thought this is great weíll stay a few days.Sivota is a beautiful bay and a busy yacht haven so there was a lot of yacht watching while we were there whilst holding a G&T relaxing in our cockpit.

After two nights in Sivota we headed north to a couple of anchorages we had been to before.First Vliho bay which is a massive anchorage but very quiet and then after a couple of nights there and a meal ashore in the Vliho Yacht Club we headed 1 mile further north to Tranquil Bay. This is also a big anchorage but beside the tourist resort of Nidri. Here we were to bump into an old sailing buddy, Marc.We have met Marc a few times since Spain. He has a little pug called Casper and Smudge and Casper were glad to have doggy company. We bumped into him very unexpectedly on the main street in Nidri and it was a lovely surprise.So we hung out with Marc and Casper for a few days in Tranquil Bay. There was a lovely doggy walk on a quiet path and road that we could do together that ended up at the Seaside Bar where we could have a cold beer.Marc also needed his radar reflector fitted to his mast so as the smallest and lightest I offered to do that Ė in return for a beer of course!††† Smudge really appreciated Casper's company for these few days.

After 4 nights we headed to Lefkada Town, the capital of Lefkas and one of our favourite towns.We were going to sort out our wintering arrangements here and speak to someone about a sprayhood for the journey back to Scotland with Madison. We spent a week here in the end.Karl had a day travelling to Athens on the bus to collect our car.We reserved our space in Lefkas marina for the winter and Smudge got her haircut for the last time before we come home.However it was a vet that did it and not a dog groomer and it wasnít the best so once we got her back to the boat we had to do some trimming ourselves so that she looked good.Unfortunately this cost us Ä45 so it was an expensive haircut.

We met our second ever all female crew in Lefkada too -mother and daughter,Lynn and JD on board their yacht Viennesse Waltz so we had a lovely evening over a few G&Tís with them.

Finally we headed north again through the Lefkas canal and onward to the island of Paxos which is one of our favourite places.The canal is a bit tricky just now due to buoys marking the channel moving and you have to be very careful not to go aground which is happening on a daily basis to yachts at the moment.Thankfully we made it through ok and didnít hit any hard lumpy stuff.

We were planning a couple of nights in Gaios, the main town on Paxos. Fiona Gillies a Scottish artist runs a business here, Pythias Gallery and we were looking forward to saying hi again.We had coffee with Fiona and she invited us to the opening of her new exhibition in a local village so we were to stay on Paxos for a few more days so that we could go.We had a fabulous Italian meal in her husbands restaurant, Caffe Italiano too.

We were beside a French boat in Gaios with a sailor called Louis on board so we had a lovely evening with him. We provided the food and Louis provided the wine.There was maybe a bit too much boat talk for my liking but Iíve got used to that.

After two nights in Paxos we headed to an anchorage a few miles away in Lakka that we love with the view to walking to the art exhibition which was only 4km away from Lakka in the village of Loggos.Whilst on anchor in Lakka we met a Swedish boat, Yacht Ameline Eleonore , after Karl had helped with getting their lines ashore. Onboard were Glenn, Nina and their daughter Amei.So we went over for drinks on the 1st evening and on the 2nd we all walked into Loggos to go to Fionaís art exhibition.The exhibition was great but unfortunately I couldnít afford to buy anything. ††However it was a lovely evening out complete with the obligatory wine and beer.We werenít up for walking back up hill in the dark to Lakka so we got a taxi.

It was time to leave Paxos and head for Corfu alongwith with Yacht Ameline Eleonore. We all decided to go to Petriti on the south of Corfu together.We went on anchor and had a meal ashore. Since we were last here the tavernas are offering showers and laundry too so long as you eat there. We didnít take advantage this time as we were only there 1 night but on our way back to Lefkada I think we will be.

The next day we both headed for Corfu town. Amei was flying back home to Sweden and we were picking up Karlís dad, Ken, from the airport as he was coming for a weeks holiday.We anchored for one night beneath the castle but the wind was turning in the wrong direction and it would be too bouncy to stay here so we headed for the Old Town harbour for a few nights. Itís not the best but it is sheltered and makes life easier for Ken getting on and off of Madison.

We have had a lovely couple of days so far with Ken. We're in Petriti again for a couple of days and we're teaching him to swim. Our friend Jimmy has just arrived on holiday in Corfu so we're going to meet him on Sunday too.

The next few weeks before we return home are busy with visitors as our friend, Philip is coming for a week in the middle of September and then my mum, Margaret is coming for a week and is going to drive back to Scotland with us.























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