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29th April - 15th May 2010 Preveza to Aegina

At the beginning of the summer we flew out to Preveza with Ken, Karls Dad with the aim of moving Madison from Preveza in the Ionian to Aegina in the Aegean. This involved going through the Corinth Canal which was an amazing experience.

We had 2 weeks to complete this journey. After 3 days in the yard at Preveza we launched into the water, following a visit to the Port Police to do the necessary paperwork (we've no idea what we were paying for). We headed south and east towards the Gulf of Patras and the Corinth Sea. Ken normally just gets flown out to work on the boat so this was going to be a holiday to reward him for all his previous hard work.

We didn't stop anywhere for too long as we wanted to get to Aegina with plenty of time to get her ready for hauling back out of the water, however we still managed to stop in Nidri on Lefkas, Vathi on Ithaca as well as some new haunts for us such as Messalonghi, Trizonia and Corinth Town before heading into the canal.

We managed to get some great sailing in too. In the Gulf of Patras is the Rion Suspension Bridge which at the time was the newest one in Europe and it was fantastic to sail under here before reaching the canal.

The canal was cool and we got to see the bridge at the entrance to the canal, that actually disappears under the water to allow you to pass. It was amazing to sail through the canal and see up close the sheer rock on either of it where it had been carved out of the land. At the Aegean end of the canal we stopped to pay our fee for transitting the canal which we were told was the most expensive in the world in terms of cost per mile. But for us it had been worth every Euro.

We got to Aegina with 4 days to spare to sort everything out. This was the first place in Greece that we ever visited (in 1995) so it was great to return. Aegina was as lovely as ever. After a relatively (and thankfully) uneventful lift out we got our bags and headed for the ferry so we could get to Athens for a couple of nights to show Ken the sights there before flying home.

Poor Ken had his legs walked off him as we visited the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, bazaar etc but it was all worthwhile as we had a lovely time. We never tire of seeing the Panthenon and had the pleasure of seeing the newly openned museum close to the main site. This was amazing, but again reminded us of the number of items plundered by the occupiers of Greece over the years as they had left gaps where items currently in the British Museum would now rest if they were to be given back.

We took this opportunity to take home some of the items that we found we hadn't used or wanted, on Madison, back to Edinburgh so our bags were heavy and we arrived back in Edinburgh, exhausted but with smiles and more nice memories.























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