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6th - 19th October Holidays with Tracy, Adrian and Rose

So after spending some time in Poros we headed back to Perdika, Aegina to await the arrival of Tracy, Adrian and Rose from the Netherlands. We were quite excited about having a wee holiday with them as we haven't seen a lot of them in recent years

We thought we would just hang around for 3 or 4 days and then head off but this was not too to be and we ended up in Perdika for 10 days and seeing the Banks clan everyday (if not all day - we didn't want them to think we were stalkers). The local weather while the Banks clan was in Perdika was not so great, but Tracy and Adrian had hired a car so we went out around the island getting some culture. Baby Rose was fabulous and we were her new best friends. It's very satisfying to arrive at the door each day and for a little person like Rose to get excited to see you (Tracy and Adrian never seemed to get that excited, except when they were winning at cards).

We were lucky to be moored next to a lovely Greek couple in Perdika, Petros and Giorgia who were from Athens and having a holiday on their beautiful Fisher yacht, 'Janinko'. So we spent a couple of evenings with them. They have been sailing around the area for many years so gave us a lot of advice about where to go as we head to the Sporades.

Most days we have been out and about, had lunch and then headed back to Perdika. We saw Afeas Temple, Aegina Town, Hellenic Wildlife Hospital and also Athens. Karl and I became Rose's au pairs for the morning while Tracy and Adrian headed up to see the Acropolis. Rose's pram was very good off road but the Acropolis would have been too much hard work.

The villa that Tracy and Adrian had rented was lovely with a great terrace, unfortunately the weather meant that we only had one evening with the BBQ going and sitting outside with them until midnight. We were lucky that Tracy and Adrian had the use of a washing machine so we managed to abuse their hospitality on a few occasions to do our washing too.

One evening there was a very short but heavy electrical storm which resulted in their bedrooms being flooded when Rose was in bed and she had to be rescued and they had to retreat and sleep in the living room.

On two days the weather improved and we had sustained sunshine so we went out for a 2 hour sail on Maddie on one of these and then for a swim in the sea on another. This was Rose's first time in the sea and she made her parents proud. We spent our last evening in Perdika with them and had a lovely meal, played and drank wine - all was perfect.

Rose did well for a little girl who was just about to celebrate her first birthday and she managed to travel by a wide variety of transport whilst on holiday - ferry, flying dolphin, underground, bus, sail boat, car, plane. She also managed to woo the locals and would wave very cutely at most of the ladies stopping to talk to her.

On our last morning in Perdika, Rose Amelie Banks was 1 year old so we sang Happy Birthday before departing. It was a real pleasure hanging out with them on their holidays and a real treat to spend so much time with Rose as no doubt it will be quite a while before we see her again.

So we left Perdika and headed for Methana, on the mainland, south west of Aegina, where we knew we could plug into shore power and get water for just a few euros. The downside to this is the smell in the town. It's not called Methana for no reason at all. There are sulphur baths in the town which is great for rheumatics but hard on one's sense of smell. We had a lovely neighbour here, Simeon, who kindly brought us Greek coffee, ouzo and Greek salad.

After 2 nights charging everything up and breathing that sulphur air we left Methana and headed to Lavrion which is east of Athens as we've decided to head north up into Evia and the Sporades. The weather was terrible the day we left for Lavrion, dry for the first hour and then we got soaked and Madison got soaked for the next 5 hours. It was like being in Scotland but warm. We can take it getting colder but constant rain and thunderstorms is no fun at all.

So here we are in Lavrion. Its dry now but the wind is very high so staying for a couple of nights to wait for it to die down as we don't want to sail in gales. The upside to this is we can dry everything out that got wet yesterday.

We have been good neighbours since we arrived and helped an older Austrian sailor, Alfred who had a boat that was taking in water, we helped to bail and worked to slow the leak until he was able to get hooked up with shore power so that he could get his electrical pumps working.

We hope that the winds will settle tomorrow so we can leave for Porto Rafti which is about 15 miles from here.























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