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21st September - 5th October Aegina and our first Aegean experience

On 21st September we flew out to Madison on Aegina for the beginning of a 3 month holiday. We're not quite sure exactly where we're heading but thats the beauty of what we do.

After a night in Athens, as we couldn't make the last ferry we arrived in Souvala, Aegina about 3pm on 22nd September. Since then we've met loads of lovely folk and we've only been here a fortnight. Initially we rented an apartment in Souvala for the first 5 days so we could complete the jobs that needed doing on Maddie. The apartment owner, Vangeli, was lovely and even met us from the ferry in his car to help us with our bags.

We hired a car during our time at the apartment, which meant we could be in Aegina Town when we wanted. A French couple, Dominic & Claire, (Yacht Optimiste) came to the yard.They were in moored Aegina Town and looking for somewhere to haul out so we gabbed to them and went to meet them later. Here we also met Kim and Ray, Yacht Karma Waters who were from Brisbane, Australia. Ray kindly let us climb over his boat to get onto Optimiste as it was too big a jump for Laura's little legs from the quayside. So a pleasant time was spent having a drink and a gab. We proceeded to swap lots of useful information as is the case with the floating community.

One day while we working on Maddie there was a terrible storm and the road to the yard was actually flooded and we had to wait for it to clear. When we got to the yard there was a small river flowing through due to the amount of rain. It was crazy weather. Thankfully there was a little snack van near the yard where we could enjoy a frappe or beer while we waiting for road to clear.

Once in the water we spent a few days in Aegina Town (harbour rot sets in easily when you find somewhere you love). We had to take Ken back to the airport so had a 7.00am start to get the ferry. Hopefully there won't be too many early starts like that. We had dinner with Ray and Kim too. Whilst moored in Aegina Town we were lucky to meet an Edinburgh family, Colin, Louise, Isla (4) and Maggie (2), on their catamaran Skyran, and spent a lovely few days in their company. Maggie and Isla are very lovely and very funny and it was great to hang out.

Finally on Friday 1st October (Laura's birthday) we left Aegina Town to travel a whole 4 miles to Perdika. It was exhausting ;-D Our friends, Tracy, Adrian and baby Rose are coming to Perdika on 7th October for a holiday so we wanted to suss out the harbour so we could visit them. We had a lovely meal in a seafood restaurant as part of the birthday celebrations. Unfortunately in the early hours of 2nd October a terrible storm hit Perdika and 3 yachts (including us) lost their holding and the anchors went loose which resulted in Maddie scraping herself along a big rock. However its nothing too major albeit not a great thing to happen. Just another repair job to add to the list. At least Gelcoat repairs are something we have already experience of and the supplies to carry out.

Why does the bad weather always hit us in the early hours and never during daylight hours! We tried to leave Perdika to get somewhere a bit safer but the weather was too bad so we had to come back and try another berth. As it was within a few hours the storm went, the sun came out and you wouldn't have known there had been any problems at all. A 60ft luxury motor yacht came in alongside and let us tie onto them aswell as the quay for extra security just in case the weather turned bad again. Thankfully it was great that night. Dominic and Clarie also came into Perdika so we hooked up with them again.

On Sunday we left Perdika and sailed across to the island of Poros which is absolutely stunning. We moored up and explored the town. A beautiful classic British Gaff rigged yacht called 'Planet' with Simon, Cat and Simon's dad, Martin came alongside too. So we spent a few hours with them aswell exchanging tales. Simon and Cat are one year into a two year tour of the Med. The next day Colin and Louise came alongside too with Isla and Maggie so we had a fab time just socialising. We spent last night on anchor with Simon and Cat and had a evening together again. Colin brought Isla out on his dinghy to us too so Isla could get a swimming lesson. I think we spent more time talking than swimming though.

So thats the first 2 weeks over. Think we will anchor again tonight. We love Poros so might stay another day before heading over to meet Tracy, Adrian and Rose. We are going to anchor over near Galatas tonight as there is a Lidl so we can take the trolley and get some extra supplies and I also need to get some fuel for the outboard and there is a petrol station over there.

Madison is so far performing very well. We are still working on getting her leak free on the topsides as the sun and heat are playing holy hell with the sealant on any of her deck fittings and we are forever re-sealing something to stop the ingress of rain and sea spray. Despite these little issues we can't complain with how great Madison has turned out to be.























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